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4 Methods to Grow Your Practice’s Revenue

February 27, 2023

A dentist is an essential healthcare provider, but a dental practice is also a business that relies on constant income. Thus, you should focus on growing your dental practice’s revenue and aim to become a successful, profitable business.

In a previous post, we discussed how you could increase your dental practice revenue, which outlined the critical aspects that can help you increase dental practice revenue. However, here we’ll expand the essential points to help you better hone your business strategy that will ultimately result in growing your practice’s revenue.

1. Add and Advertise Digital Dentistry Technologies

As we talked about before, adding new technologies to your everyday offer is vital in attracting new patients. Many people fear the dentist, which is often related to the unpleasant sounds that dental machines make or the unpleasant feelings the traditional impression methods incur.

So, you stand to improve the patient’s experience with your dental practice if you implement new technologies that are advanced and include digital technologies. Adding digital dentistry tech like an intraoral scanner can make a world of difference in your dental practice. Great has you covered here, as we provide you with a free intraoral scanner for your dental practice.

Please ensure the ads for your dental practice tell your current and potential patients of your upgrades, as people prefer innovative technologies designed to make their dental visits more comfortable. For example, your ads should outline the advantages patients get; instead of the uncomfortable pressing of impression putty in the patient’s mouth, the Great intraoral scanner puts the patient’s comfort first, providing high-quality digital scans that yield perfect results every time.

The digital intraoral scanner and many similar digital dentistry technologies help put the patient’s comfort at the forefront, reducing chair time and remakes by up to 80%, reducing the overall costs, and leaving you open to attract and accommodate more patients. We don’t have to mention that having more patients is THE way to grow your practice’s revenue.

2. Offer and Sell New Services to Patients

When it comes to growing your practice’s revenue, a viable way to do this is to offer and sell new services to your patients. For example, you can add more services based on the digital dentistry technologies you’ve implemented in your practice (as discussed above), like 3D-printed custom-fitting clear aligners or digitally measured dental implants.

Also, you must seriously consider adding new dental services in demand. We are talking about adding services like clear aligners, mouth guards, crowns and bridges, advanced prosthetics, etc. Each of these treatments and services is a high-profit option for the dental practice and is a treatment that yields satisfactory results for the patient.

Ensure all the marketing channels you utilize to convey the services you provide so existing, and potential patients can learn of all the possibilities they have when they join your dental practice. People are willing to pay more for a quality dental service that will result in fewer visits to the dentist’s practice and still bring them the desired result.

3. Support and Rely on Your Dental Team

We talked about the importance of your dental team and how it is vital to show them your appreciation in a previous post, so here we’ll talk about how your dental team can help you run a better, more profitable dental practice.

Keep every member of your dental team motivated, and ensure everyone is well-trained and keeps in step with the latest trends and advanced dentistry methods you offer in your dental practice. Retaining quality employees is vital, as high employee turnover is an inevitable financial suicide for dental practice.

By having a highly competent dental staff, you can rely on them and delegate many of the obligations. Your dental team should do administrative and managerial tasks instead of you. Another thing to consider is outsourcing your admin work, leaving your dental team to focus on the actual dentistry part of the job. They can engage with patients and do more challenging tasks, leaving you open to the more daunting tasks, thus streamlining the entire workflow.

4. Create and Execute Effective Marketing Plans

The most critical part that can significantly impact the revenue growth of your dental practice is marketing. To gain more patients and sell more services, you need to advertise your services and tell people about what you have to offer them, as we mentioned several times in the text above.

Plan and organize an effective marketing strategy covering your dental practice’s essential aspects. Then leverage all the marketing channels you can to get the exposure that will bring results. Your marketing channels can include the following:

  • Local ads in local publications where your potential patients live
  • Billboard ads near your dental practice
  • Utilize the curb appeal of your dental practice
  • Online ads with emphasis on local SEO so they are relevant to your potential patients
  • Social media platforms with a focus on local communities where your potential patients live

Another thing to support your effective marketing campaign is to have an up-to-date website full of helpful information. Make sure your address and contact info is visible to all visitors, highlighting the strengths of your dental practice. We need to discuss many other important things about having an optimized, up-to-date website for your dental practice, but this is a topic for a future post.

Finding ways to advertise the services of your dental practice is perhaps the most important thing you can utilize to grow your practice’s revenue, as it directly attracts new patients and has other benefits for the growth of your practice.

To Wrap Up: Growing Your Practice’s Revenue is an Ongoing Process

The methods above are proven ways to grow your dental practice’s revenue. When implemented wisely, these can help you grow your revenue but also improve your reputation and become a trusted dental practice that people will recommend.

However, you need to also focus on balance, creating an enjoyable work environment for you and your dental team, thus creating a cohesive dental practice where everyone will be happy and focused on the same goal – working to grow the dental practice and help it become a profitable, prosperous business.

We are at your disposal for everything you may need to grow your dental practice, as we provide you with technology, education, and support to help you grow your practice. Also, we constantly update our blog with abundant knowledge and advice on everything related to better management of your dental practice!

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