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7 Ways To Get More Patients to Your Dental Practice

January 20, 2023

Anyone running a dental practice knows of the struggles one faces, and the main one is getting more patients to use your practice’s services. So, we have researched the topic, noted the main problems, and made a detailed list of the top ways you can get more patients to your dental practice.

The list below is a list of ideas and strategies that you can utilize to attract more patients to your practice. However, you need to take action as well; to expect results, you need to implement these strategies and work towards reaching your goal of attracting more dental patients and growing your dental practice. So, no more ado, here are the top ways to get more patients to your dental practice:

  1. Create an Optimized Website for Online Discoverability

People are used to going online and researching any business they think of using, and dental practices are no exception. So, dedicate time and money to creating an interactive, engaging website with seamless navigation that will leave the best first impression. When potential patients visit your website, they need to learn as much as possible about your dental practice so they’ll feel inclined to convert into a patient.

Add images of your office and your dentists, and include all necessary information like contact info, address, and patient reviews, so anyone visiting your website will be pleasantly surprised. You can think that the cost of the website is unjustified, but it is not, as a professionally built website is a true reflection of your dental practice. Consider it as an online salesman who advertises your dental practice to the whole world.

Add a 24/7 online scheduling option to your website, so any interested person can make an appointment anytime, even when the practice is closed. There is much online software that allows patient bookings, and with a few clicks, your patients can book an appointment, and your staff can confirm the booking.

  • Think SEO

SEO should be at the forefront when you design your dental practice’s website, as this is essential for your online presence. But it does not matter if you have an excellent website, as local SEO is critical to get your message to the people who are most likely to research dental practices in your area. Local SEO allows Google’s algorithm to display relevant results and highlight local businesses with the best reviews.

Local SEO is also vital for mobile searches, which are most likely what your potential patients will use. Some examples of location-specific keywords you need to use include your city + dentist, your postcode + dentist, neighborhood + dentist, etc. It is best to consult an SEO professional so you have the best chance of attracting patients to your dental practice.

  1. Focus on Getting Positive Reviews

When we are on the topic of online presence, positive reviews should accompany your dental practice’s name in online results. We’ve already established that people go online for all their needs and are more likely to choose a dental practice with plenty of positive online reviews.

Ask your patients to write an online review for your dental practice, as these positively impact local SEO and online discoverability. For example, you can email them after their appointment, asking them to fill out a review form of their experience with your practice. If someone leaves you a negative review, ensure you address it quickly and respectfully; also, thank everyone for leaving a positive review.

  1. Utilize Social Media Marketing

As we all know, social media has taken over how we do so many things, and you should take advantage of this and advertise your dental practice on social media. Social media marketing campaigns have incredibly positive effects in spreading the word. But the time of posting one or two pictures per week is long gone, as now you need to engage with your audiences. You can share your dental practice’s daily posts and use appropriate hashtags.

Ensure you have someone monitoring the engagements for your social media accounts. Also, allow reviews from existing patients; if someone has a note or a complaint, take the opportunity to publicly address any possible problem and build a positive image of your dental practice.

  1. Create and Advertise Unique Selling Points

To attract new patients to your dental practice, you need to create unique selling points to make you stand out from your competition. Your main competitors may be several smaller dental practices if you are in a smaller area or larger practices if you are located in a more densely populated place.

In any case, most people in your area already have a dentist they are familiar with, so why change it up? Well, you need to provide them with something more, so they’ll be inclined to switch and join your practice. Focusing on unique services that differentiate you from the crowd is essential; for example, you can advertise services like emergency dentistry, after-hours interventions, options for patients with sensitive teeth, and the like.

Being in step with the latest trends and developments in dentistry is also vital in keeping your existing and attracting new patients. Adding and advertising digital dentistry methods like digital intraoral scanners can make a real difference. Most people fear the dentist and will look for a practice that uses more comfortable advanced technologies.

  1. Offer Flexible Payment Options

Paying for services can genuinely concern people, so offering flexible payment options is one way to attract patients to your dental practice. For example, you can provide and advertise payment options like in-house payment plans where patients can make installments, accept credit card payments, or offer discounts for patients who opt for multiple services. To attract new patients to your practice, you need to be empathetic to your patient’s needs and understand when someone is having financial issues.

  1. Sponsor Local Events

An effective way to let more people learn about your practice and attract them to become your patients is to get involved in your community. You can do this by sponsoring local events like local charities or community organizations where the dental practice will get the exposure your practice needs. Make sure people can see your name and logo, which will help you create brand awareness, and the next time someone needs dental services, they will recognize and be more likely to join your practice.

  1. Establish a Patient Referral Program

A satisfied patient is your most vital asset in attracting new patients, as word of mouth is critical in spreading the word about your services. It is more likely for someone to join your dental practice after they’ve heard about a positive experience from someone they trust.

You can utilize this by creating a patient referral program, offering your existing patients a bonus, or a free procedure when they refer your practice to a friend. You can provide referral cards at the end of their appointment. When their friend makes an appointment and shows up for it, you can reward the referring patient with a lovely gift.

  • Offer Patient Specials

While many people will avoid a routine dental checkup because of the possible cost, you can circumvent this by offering patient specials. Offer new patients incentives like free teeth whitening with their first appointment, a discounted service bundle (free oral exam and free x-ray), or a discount on a clear aligner treatment or something similar.

  • Offer Membership Plans

To attract new patients and make sure they will become loyal customers, you can offer them membership plans that include essential services for a membership fee. These are good options for patients who want to use a private dental practice’s services and pay a single payment for the essential services. The membership plan could involve two oral exams per year, two x-rays, and 10% off on any additional services for which the patient must pay a single yearly fee.

The Bottom Line

Here we’ve covered some of the best ways you can spread the word and attract more patients to your dental practice. Please note that you should do your part and encourage your patients to recommend your practice in exchange for additional services on your part. Please follow our blog, as we constantly add great content to help you grow your practice and improve your services with our digital dentistry methods.

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