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Who is “Great”? – 1 Dental Lab for Everything!

October 17, 2022

Who is Great?
We are your fully digital dental lab… for everything. We offer end to end, full-service solutions to dentists by providing software, intraoral scanners and all lab products. From crowns & bridges all the way to dentures and clear aligners. We provide a free intraoral scanner, laptop and a cart to move around.

Our story

We rebranded from ClearWonder → Great in July 2022, as we wanted to expand our lab products. We had an innovative idea to supply all the dentists with the tools to go digital. In others words, to give a intraoral scanner for FREE. This has been an extreme success so far & we are so thankful for all the support.

Why we became Great:

Great has one goal in mind:
To modernise the lab process by digitising your dental practice.
When it comes to dental labs, many dentists find themselves working with multiple labs. This can be time consuming and often lead to frustration. At Great we found the answer to your problems.
Our purpose built platform is designed to level-up dental practices by making the entire process digital – from start to finish. Our “Great” software guides the dentist through the entire process and allows them to do their job better, faster, and with more confidence.
The digitising of the dental process will make it more efficient, accurate and cost-effective for everyone involved.

What’s in it for you!

  • Free Intraoral Scanner.
  • A true partnership with all your dental lab needs met.
  • Training for all your staff.
  • Personalised portal.
  • Reduced chair time.
  • Reduction in remakes.
  • Clinical and technical support infrastructure structure.
Become and Great Lab dentist and get a free intraoral scanner
  • No long term commitments.
  • No hidden costs.

Go digital with Great, the specialists in digital dentistry!

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