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How to Grow Your Dental Practice

March 18, 2023

dental practice

No matter how successful your dental practice is, there is always room for improvement; at the end of the day, it is still a business that needs to turn a profit. Thus, you may ask yourself, “How to grow my dental practice?”

If you are, then you are at the right place, as here we’ll discuss the generals and particulars on how to grow your dental practice. It is vital to attract more patients to your dental practice, but apart from this, other important factors play a critical role in growing your dental practice.

We have discussed at length how you can attract new patients to your dental practice and increase your dental practice revenue, but there is always room for betterment. It would be best to focus on vital aspects: having a reliable dental team, creating a sustainable patient retention strategy, and streamlining office operations.

Before we go into particulars, let us outline the strategies you need to keep at the forefront regarding growing your dental practice.

Have a Reliable Team

Having people you can rely on is imperative, and it is crucial to help you grow your dental practice. You have to realize that you can’t manage everything independently, and if you wish to grow your practice, you should create a reliable team.

A great dental team means you can always rely on them for anything – from representing your dental practice and telling people about it to leaving background activities in their capable hands and more. The dental team is the backbone of the dental practice, starting from the receptionist, admin workers, hygienists, dental nurses, and other dentists working in your practice. Don’t forget to show your appreciation to your dental team!

Have a Patient Retention Strategy

Attracting new patients to your dental practice is vital, but making people return to your practice is even more critical. Having returning patients to your dental practice is a significant consideration, from a financial aspect but also from a marketing aspect. Returning patients means they trust your skills and can help your practice’s reputation, brand image, and even positively attract new patients through word-of-mouth marketing.

Have Streamlined Office Operations

For a dental practice to be successful, it requires a modern facility with up-to-date equipment and advanced technology. People follow tech advances and want to experience the latest and the best when they visit the dentist. If you have outdated technology in your practice, it will reflect negatively on you. So, consider adding the latest dentistry tech, like a digital intraoral scanner or a digital dental X-ray, and similar advanced technology, making it more comfortable for patients and easier for you and will help you grow your dental practice.

Another vital aspect we need to mention here is the look of your practice and staff. It would help to have a clean environment run by an efficient team, as it looks good. It also helps put patients at ease and helps build trustworthiness and overall patient experience, improving the reputation of your dental practice.

Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Dental Practice!

The points above are generalized strategies to help you grow your dental practice. Here we’ll get into the particulars and share essential tips that can help you grow your dental practice:

Get Online

If you are not already, establishing a good online presence for your dental practice is an absolute must. People will always go online to research goods and services, and if they need a good dentist in their vicinity, your dental practice should be the first result they see. We have covered this at length, so please see all the ways you can leverage your social media marketing that, if you implement it correctly, will undoubtedly bring you impressive results.

Ask for Online Reviews

Reviews are essential, and your online presence should be supported with good reviews from satisfied patients. Anyone searching online for a dental practice nearby is likely to visit the one with the most positive reviews. If your dental practice has no online reviews or predominantly bad reviews, chances are that anyone looking for a new dentist will skip your practice and look elsewhere. So, make sure you ask your patients to leave a review for your dental practice online, and ensure you answer all online reviews – thank the people and address the reviews adequately.

Ask for Referrals

Word of mouth has been, is, and always will be a powerful tool for marketing and a vital part of growing any business, including a dental practice. People love to share their experiences with their friends or family, and how they talk about their visit to your dental practice matters. You can ask your patients to tell their friends and family about their visit and promote this by giving them a gift anytime one of their referrals makes an appointment with you. It is sure to grow your dental practice, attract new patients, and improve your revenue.

Add & Advertise Innovative Services

Adding and advertising innovative services is vital for the growth and expansion of your dental practice; we are talking about the latest and greatest from the dental world. For example, consider adding digital imaging techniques like the intraoral scanner to improve your work and your patient’s comfort. Also, consider adding and advertising advanced services like clear aligners that have added benefits over traditional braces.

Appeal to Your Target Audience

Women are the primary target audience for any dental practice, as they are most families’ primary proponents for oral health. Women also make many purchasing decisions, so creating and honing a marketing strategy to appeal to women first would be best. Another crucial thing – women are better at referring your dental practice, so it is vital to building trust with your female patients.

You can make your dental practice more appealing to women by creating a comfortable environment and providing educational content that is interesting and relevant for them. Also, hone your marketing plan to deliver how your dental services can help improve their lives and those of their loved ones.

The Bottom Line: a Correct Strategy is Vital for Growing Your Dental Practice!

Growing your dental practice is a continuous task that you should take seriously if you wish to see effective results sooner rather than later. To successfully grow your dental practice, please consider adopting the strategies outlined above and heed our shared tips. Each of these is a good thing, but when mashed together and implemented correctly, your dental practice should grow in leaps and bounds.

Please follow our blog for more regular updates, news, and advice to help you in your dental practice. Also, please consider booking a demo and see firsthand how to get a free GREAT intraoral scanner and access to our Great high-tech lab.

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