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How to digitise Your Dental Practice fully using a free intraoral scanner.

October 26, 2022

How to digitalise your dental practice using an intraoral scanner.

Many dentists are now turning to digital technology, such as intraoral scanners, to carry out tasks such as take digital impressions and 3D images. Whilst many dentists are still hesitant about fully embracing the digital age, it is clear that the benefits of digitisation are becoming more and more evident & this is why..

What are the benefits of digitisation?

The benefits of digitisation really improve the workflow experience.

Some of the main benefits include:

Improved access to treatment – Offering train track braces or referring patients to someone else is a thing of the past – with Great you get instant access to the products, experience and tools required to be successful with clear aligner treatment.

Less chair time & improved patient satisfaction – say goodbye to impressions!

Improved efficiency – No need for dockets. With Great, you’ll have access to our easy-to-use platform where you can add & track orders for your patients. 

Improved patient flow – By being a fully-digital dental lab, we receive your scans immediately, create your order and send them directly to your practise in a timely manner. O hassle!

How do intraoral scanners work?

An intraoral scanner is a device that is used in dentistry to create impressions digitally by taking digital images of your teeth. The intraoral scanner projects a light onto the area of the mouth that need to be scanned. Thousands of images are then captured by imaging sensors and are processed by scanning software, which then produces an accurate 3D surface model that can be used to create aligners, retainers, dentures, crowns, bridges & many other procedures.

In order to digitise your practice, the first step would be purchasing an intraoral scanner. Great Lab gives all Great dentists a free scanner, software, computer & the training needed when they sign up to their lab.

Sounds too good to be true right? Want to learn more – click here

Want an Intraoral scanner for free?

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